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A Day of hiking and flowerspotting – Silver Star Mountain

hiking path, meadow, Silver Star Mountain, Washington,

Tom and Jenny had the best idea ever for my birthday – they took me up hiking to Silver Star Mountain in Washington with wide views and wildflowers wherever you look.

Getting to the beginning of the trailhead was complicated. First we had to turn back because of a closed gate, then we got stuck on the road which was really bad washed out with deep potholes. So we had to park the car and walk 2.5 miles up to the beginning of the trailhead. But it was absolutely worth it and we all five were in a great mood laughing and having good conversations on the way up.

Silver Star Mountain, Washington, Mt. Hood

View of Mt. Hood

Flower carpets

What awaited us was beyond imagination for me: Meadows full of flowers in all colors. We were climbing up through changing color combinations and the view was getting better with every step.

The clouds didnt’t dissappear completely but enough to see Mt. St. Helens, the base of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams and at least Mt. Hood, in between the green hills of the Cascades and in the West the hills of the Coastal Range.

Silver Star Mountain, Washington, Delphinium nuttallii, Bistorta bistortroides

Delphinium nuttallii, Bistorta bistortroides

Jenny, Tom and me took picture after picture, there were so many motifs for the macro lens too! We had fun with photoshootings and laughed a lot. What a wonderful day with friends on SIlver Star Mountain! My dear friends, you officially rock!

The multitude of plants was impressing. There were many plants that are native such as Lilium columbiana, Aqilegia formosa, Delphinium nuttallii, Castilleja or some Penstemon. In the higher regions this was Calochortus subalpinus, called the subalpine mariposa lily, a real beauty, and small Lewisia columbiana. Here is a slideshow for you! You can see the plant names in the mouse over.

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