About me

I have always been fascinated by nature. Nature continues to present its magic in front of my eyes, ears and nose and I am amazed by it every day.

I didn’t photograph for years because for the longest time digital photography didn’t meet my standards. Now the quality of the sensors is so much better and I restarted with a new DSLR catching special moments and perspectives that show up in front of my camera’s lens. Landscapes and landmarks, colors, shapes and moods, smooth transitions and hard shadows, the variations are endless. I love to wander around and photograph. Also I love to observe nature and to have a look at the small things in life. Watching and savouring, seeing something special in the simple things, there is a motif everywhere.

After having lived in Hamburg for many years I accepted a job as Head of Communications of SV SparkassenVersicherung, an insurance company and moved back to Stuttgart. Back because it is the Region where I was born. And while every landscape has its beauties, either flat or hilly, it is  always best where your beloved ones live.


The view through the lens shows me the world from a different angle. With the camera, I have the unique possibility to look at things from a different perspective. I love to play with light and depth of field. It’s always challenging to see an interesting scene and to transfer it into a picture in my head. Yes, in my head! The best pictures are first developed in the head of the photographer. How they will turn out depends on his (or her) view of the world, to see the potential of a motif and to let this come to life technically. What we see is not what the camera sees. Photography keeps me agile, both mentally and physically. Unusual perspectives must be worked out, sometimes with full physical involvement.

My Garden

I love gardening, therefore my own garden is a big part of my blog. I choose the plants very carefully so that something is blooming at every month of the year. And even if it is really small that is not holding me back. I want to share what I know and show some interesting plants and combinations. If you’re planting the right plants in your garden, you have to weed less and have fun with the garden for a long time.

A garden rewards you with so much joy – from the first crocusses in the snow to softly swaying grasses, exquisite flowers and colorful combinations to the hibernation and decomposition in winter.