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Portland, 2nd time – Japan in America

One of the most beautiful japanese gardens I know is situated in Portland. When I was in Japan I couldn’t visit all the famous gardens, so I only can give my impressions of this remarkable and impressing visit in Portland. I was returning from the coast to Portland because of some rainy days, I wanted to have city around me, nice cafes, museums and I wanted to see Powell’s Wold of Books which is perfect for a rainy day.

Sweet waters. And virtual becomes real.

On Thursday I crossed the Cascades, now I’m on the weather side of the mountains. No more desert but lush green meadows, fields and forests with moss on their branches, colorful maple trees in between. More water everywhere and beautiful waterfalls. The Silver Falls On late afternoon I arrived at Silver Falls State Park. It’s a small area at the feet of the Cascades, where many waterfalls rush down in a deep canyon. Layers of different lava here too. A round trip leads to ten waterfalls, the most spectacular are North an South Falls and the Winter Falls. When you go out taking pictures of a waterfall, the best time is when there is no direct light. So I went on the last light of the day to South Falls. A small stream of water falls into the depth. Water and erosion did their work and carved out a deep overhang, so you can walk behind the waterfall. This is now nice, but in spring or after heavy rains you will get drenched. The next …

Desert and lakes

Now I’m in Oregon, the last night I spent on a serene campground at Goose Lake. At the moment, I’m sitting in my RV parked in the shadow of a tree in Lakeview and wait for the assistance to call back. The blackwater tank is leaking and this must be repaired. In Lakeview my mobile works, phone reception is very spotty here. In case it will be too late for repair today I will spend another night at Goose Lake. Even on the campground there are deer and the funny California Quail. I even saved a little frog from drowning in the sink of the toilets. It’s quiet here, if you don’t mind the geese shouting, the frogs quaking, the crickets chriping and the cows mooing. The sunset yesterday was great and I was happy to have my binoculars with me to watch the birds. Sunrise The day before yesterday I still was at Lake Tahoe and got up early to have some pictures of the rising sun. It was cold, only 40 F, so …

On the road

First day on the road. With some obstacles, but this seems necessary somehow ;-). I had to clean up the RV first, it was obviously returning from Burning Man Festival, because virtually everywhere there was white dust. Then I packed it with the result that I have to search everything… It will take some time to get used to this. The biggest issue was that I killed my iPhone by punching the wrong code too often. I must have been sleepy :-/ So I had to set up my phone completely new. But now I’m online again, could chat and phone with my beloved ones and have navigation. The best thing: I was sure that I could handle this – and so it was. Other directions Against my plans I decided to head in the direction of Reno. I wanted to be at Crater Lake, but because of the massive wildfires there is smoke nearly everywhere in the Northwest. As all my destinations are in this region, I still don’t know what to do. Time …

A visit of the Botanical Garden of San Francisco

It depends on where the botanical garden is, what plants you can see. That’s why I love botanical gardens. In San Francisco I was there on every visit, because there are growing plants outside you can only see in the greenhouse in Germany. The garden is big and is situated at the Golden Gate Park. This is on the side of the mountains where the fog comes in and the part of the city that stretches out to the Pacific Ocean. The fog makes it possible to grow many plants from rainforests, for example Hedychium gardnerianum, the Kahili Ginger. It’s shown in the title photo – the scent is awesome.

The long flight

A long flight is always distressing as I’m flying economy. But the last times I flew with KLM/Delta and it was good experience, so this was my choice this time too. And on top I was lucky and got another seat because some people wanted to sit together. So I comfortably sat at the window on a place with much legroom without paying the additional price. I was very comfortable and had spectacular views over Greenland and Canada.

82 days of my life

There are 82 days of my life ahead of me that will be filled with my own personal adventure. I decided to take a 3 months sabbatical as for quite some time, I just don’t feel the weekends are long enough anymore to fully recover. Because I notice health challenges popping up that just can’t be nurtured away while going full speed in my daily life routine. And I also realize how hard it has become for me to turn off and tune out. That probably comes as a risk with my type of job as well, but my plan is to continue doing my job healthy and happy for many years to come. I really like my job, I have fun doing what I do and I feel like I’m accomplishing the right things in it. All in all, these are great reasons to embark on my journey and find some free space and recharge.   Out of the three months, I will be in the U.S. for 82 days. Why the U.S.? Because …