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Portland, 2nd time – Japan in America

One of the most beautiful japanese gardens I know is situated in Portland. When I was in Japan I couldn’t visit all the famous gardens, so I only can give my impressions of this remarkable and impressing visit in Portland. I was returning from the coast to Portland because of some rainy days, I wanted to have city around me, nice cafes, museums and I wanted to see Powell’s Wold of Books which is perfect for a rainy day.

A visit of the Botanical Garden of San Francisco

It depends on where the botanical garden is, what plants you can see. That’s why I love botanical gardens. In San Francisco I was there on every visit, because there are growing plants outside you can only see in the greenhouse in Germany. The garden is big and is situated at the Golden Gate Park. This is on the side of the mountains where the fog comes in and the part of the city that stretches out to the Pacific Ocean. The fog makes it possible to grow many plants from rainforests, for example Hedychium gardnerianum, the Kahili Ginger. It’s shown in the title photo – the scent is awesome.

The long flight

A long flight is always distressing as I’m flying economy. But the last times I flew with KLM/Delta and it was good experience, so this was my choice this time too. And on top I was lucky and got another seat because some people wanted to sit together. So I comfortably sat at the window on a place with much legroom without paying the additional price. I was very comfortable and had spectacular views over Greenland and Canada.

Blue cloud: the wonderful Wisteria

Wisteria, in Germany often called Blue Rain, are really wild climbing shrubs. They grow fast and powerful. The shoots get 100 ft long. The trunks are getting so powerful that they destroy nearly everything in their way and rip the fixations off the walls. But once a year they bloom in April/May. The flowering is so spectacular, that it rewards for the rowdily behavior. Wisteria get wonderful long panicles with hundreds of blue oder white flowers and a heavy fragrance. The seed vessels are beautiful too, a little bit furry and hanging on very long stems which is beautiful the whole winter when there are no leaves. To discipline them is hard work, much and heavy cutting, but it’s worth it. When you do this, you can bring the Wisteria in every shape you want to – if it’s a tunnel, a pergola or a little tree. They have so much energy to bud and get very old. Especially in Japan there are old Wisterias with characterful trunks and interesting forms of trunks. The japanese Wisteria …

April at Hermannshof: Flood of tulips

At Hermannshof, the flood of tulips which gushes through the garden on april and may, is one of the most spectacular sights the garden has. It’s also beautiful for those who love a more restraint garden style. When you enter the garden through the main gate, most of the people turn right in the direction of the huge open space. While entering you already see the colourful tulips gleaming through the trees. In autumn, those patches are full with Rudbeckia and Heliantus in flaming yellow. Now they shine in ervery possible colour of tulip. It seems they are thrown ramdomly into the patches. Throw is the right word, as they are distributed like this by the gardeners. But the design follwos a clear plan. What you see as colourful variety is carefully planned. Interesting combinations of colours are sometimes audacious, for example red, pink and yellow. Bands in only one colour bring order into the planned chaos. Next to the Cercis (see the blogpost on woods) there ist mostly red and white. The tulips are …

Hermannshof in april: Woods

The second part of my april series is about woods at Hermannshof. There are many specias trees and shrubs. From early april on the magnolia are in bloom, especially the beautiful soulangea „Lennei Alba“ in the middle of the great lawn. Grand and gorgeous it reins the scenery. It was planted in 1888. At the same time the huge magnolia denudata was planted in front of the villa. End of february, the Eranthis, Galanthus and Crocus tommasianus are still in bloom at the feet of the magnolia. The cherrys are in bloom too, and rare shrubs like Stachyrus praecox show their special stucture. On the back side of the dry hill sits a Chaenomeles, which I really love because the colour of the flower is so special. Usually, I don’t like them because of their thorny, straight branches. But with this soft powdery yellow, even Chaenomeles makes sense.  Gehölze Ende April Woods end of april At this time, the show winner is Cercis siliquastrum. It blooms in an unbelievable voilet-pinkish colour with thick tussocks of …

Hermannshof in april: Daffodils

Two times in a row with only three weeks between I was at Hermannshof in April. So I will show you a lot of pictures in a row. In this time of the year, the bulbs are blooming, but there are beautiful woods too. The end of the row ist Wisteria – you will understand why, when you see the blogpost. But we start with the daffodils and the early blooming tulips. Zweimal im Abstand von drei Wochen war ich im April im Hermannshof und habe viel mitgebracht. Drei Tage hintereinander gibt es jetzt Fotos pur, denn ich habe noch etwas nachzuholen. Natürlich gibt es viele Zwiebeln zu dieser Jahreszeit, aber auch die blühenden Gehölze sind besonders. Anfang April beherrschten ganz klar die Magnolien und Cornus das Bild. Ende April sind es Cercis (Judasbaum), Davidia (Taschentuchbaum) und natürlich die Wisteria. Der Wisteria widme ich aber einen extra Beitrag – Ihr werdet verstehen, warum. Doch der Reihe nach. Starten wir mit den Narzissen und frühen Tulpen. Daffodils love a normal and not too dry soil and also cope with light …

Lace and bath foam – Magnolia and cherries in bloom

Normally, I’m shooting alone, even when I do flower pictures like these when the Magnolia and cherries are in bloom. So it was an exception being on my way with someone else. Jürgen and me met last year at the macro workshop of Pierre Johne and decided that we wanted to go shooting together from time to time. This time we went to he Gardens of the University of Hohenheim. The gardens are on the Fildern south of Stuttgart. In my german Blog I alredy wrote about the gardens here.   Becuase the gardens are for scientific research too, there is a huge variety of Magnolia and cherry trees, some are very old, some newly planted for testig reasons.   Üblicherweise bin ich alleine zum Fotografieren, auch wenn ich Blümchenbilder mache, wie jetzt zur Blüte der Magnolien und Kirschen. So war es eine Ausnahme, am vergangenen Wochenende zu zweit unterwegs zu sein. Jürgen und ich hatten im vergangenen Jahr gemeinsam am Makro-Kurs bei Pierre Johne teilgenommen und uns zum gemeinsamen Fotografieren verabredet. Ziel waren die Gärten der Universität …