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Lan Su – a Chinese Garden in Portland

Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

In Portland, Oregon, there is not only the most beautiful Japanese Garden I ever saw but also a small Chinese Garden named Lan Su. It’s situated in the middle of the city. So I went there after I arrived in Portland from Germany on Friday morning.

This time I started my travel in Portland to visit friends this weekend. I know Jenny and Tom from Instagram and we met last year in October for the first time to go out photographing together. Those were wonderful days and so it was this time too. After the weekend I flew to my family to San Francisco.

Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

The great pond in the middle of the garden

So my first article is about the Chinese Garden, because it’s really worth ist. For plant lovers it’s great that they provide a Master Plant List with all the species planted in the garden. Just ask the people at the entrance. There are listed all latin names of the plants, grouped in the different beds they have. So you can learn some interesting names of plants.

As I passed the entrance, there was a powerful but pleasing scent in the air. This came from the Gardenia which were just perfectly in bloom and filled many corners of the garden. In the centre of the garden is a big pond surrounded with different buildings. There are many views through windows, with little walls, special rocks and nice planted patios.

Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon

The carved windows of the tea house with Cercidiphyllum pendula

There are meticulously planned details, the carved windows or some specially planted and cutted bamboo. Near the tea house they planted a Cercidiphyllum pendula, a beautiful tree with its round shaped brillant green leaves. Just have a look at the gallery!

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