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Moods in Potsdam

Like last year I came for the garden action at the Karl-Foerster-Garden to Potsdam. It doesn’t have to be always Sansoucci, Potsdam has many other places of interest to see. Typically most of houses here have no more than two storeys which gives Potsdam a nice atmosphere. But on the big public spaces are many impressing buildings, thoroughly renovated. On the “Alter Markt” is the Nicolaikirche, which was build in the 1830s by the famous Friedrich Schinkel. It looks really modern inside. In the second word war it was heavily destroyed and build up again many years later. At the moment, it’s a construction site inside. You can climb on the church tower to have a view all over the city.

Golden hour: Sunset on top of the Nikolaikirche at Potsdam

Although the opening time was over, the tower keeper was letting me some more time to enjoy the evening sun.

Gardens in Potsdam

The New Garden is east of the city and contains the Marmorpalais and Castle Cecilienhof, the Gothic Library and many other historic sites. It’s situated between two lakes, the Holy Lake and the Jungfernsee. Normally, you don’t photograph on midday because the light is too flat. But on this day, the light was so clear and met perfectly with the clean architecture of the whole landscape. The New Garden was designed in his initial shape in 1787. It became it’s final shape in the years after 1816 by Peter Joseph Lenné.

At Marmorpalais in Potsdam

Lenné was general director of the royal-prussian gardens and though the designer of the landscape in and around Potsdam. He was a busy man, all over Germany you can see his works. I began to read about him because I was curious, but it was worth it. Lenné is master of lines of sight and so masters the connection between park and surroundings. Because of him,  Potsdams landscape has many interesting woods, effectively staged. Until today we intuitively understand this sceneries and love their perfect proportions.

The chestnut with the three trunks is a special shaped tree in the new garden 

I’m giving you here the link to Wikipedia, where you can find more literature. There is so much to discover! During three hours in the New Garden I didn’t see barely the half of it.

Here some more pictures: 

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