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Umbrella Falls

Waterfalls and mountains – a weekend in Portland

Portland is a good starting point for all kinds of nature interested people. There are Waterfalls or great hikes to do, there is the Columbia Gorge and always snowcapped Mt. Hood (11,250 ft.). North begins Washington, a state that’s also benigned by a wonderful nature and high volcanoes that are the landmarks in the Cascade Range: Mt. Ranier, Mt. Adams (12,280 ft) and Mt. St. Helens (8,366 ft) wich is still a giant even if the volcano blowed up his upper 1.,300 ft in the 1980 eruption. Waterfalls and Mt. Hood On Saturday, Jenny and I drove eastwards to the Gorge. On my last visit in October there were nearly all waterfalls closed due to the heavy wildfires in the Gorge. Still there is much to see from the fire and nobody knows, how and when nature recovers. We started at the most western falls: Latourell Fall and Bridal Veil. Both can be reached within short walks and they were affected less by the fires. Multnomah Falls can be reached directly from the highway. But …

Portland, 2nd time – Japan in America

One of the most beautiful japanese gardens I know is situated in Portland. When I was in Japan I couldn’t visit all the famous gardens, so I only can give my impressions of this remarkable and impressing visit in Portland. I was returning from the coast to Portland because of some rainy days, I wanted to have city around me, nice cafes, museums and I wanted to see Powell’s Wold of Books which is perfect for a rainy day.